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Ollie & Allie

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Organic baby shampoo and body bar

Handcrafted on the Big Island of Hawaii and infused with reiki energy

Baby Bath

Our Story

Bathing your child is an opportunity for cleansing, nourishment, and connection. Watching them splish and splash and play in the water is an enjoyable experience for the child and caregiver. However, the center of this experience, their shampoo and body wash, is often overlooked. Do you know what you are bathing them with? Do you feel confident that your child is absorbing safe, non-toxic and nourishing ingredients into their skin and hair everyday? I did not. 

After hours of research and testing various baby shampoos and body washes, none measured up to my standards of safety for my son. Even the 'organic' and 'non-toxic' shampoos still contain ingredients such as citric acid and many are highly scented. After about a year and half of trying various products, I decided if none were up to my standards, I would make my own! And so, Ollie & Allie was born. After researching different types of soaps, different methods and ingredients, it was immediately clear that bar soap was the answer. Not only is it more environmentally friendly, eliminating the use of wasteful packaging, but it is the surest way to make the purest, safest soap with raw, wholesome ingredients. You can be sure that I never cut corners with my ingredients, as I am not willing to compromise the safety of my child or yours. My soap is gentle enough for a baby but can be used by the whole family!

My unscented soaps are a blend of organic coconut oil, organic African shea butter, organic argan oil, organic jojoba oil, organic calendula, Maruyama Jones Family moringa, and shungite water. Shungite is a 2-billion year old stone found only in Karelia, Russia with naturally occurring antioxidants. This stone balances all of the chakras, provides Electromagnetic Field (EMF) protection, and provides healing benefits for the physical and energetic bodies. I also make a nourishing and moisturizing bar for babies with dry skin, excess, and other skin conditions by adding Hawaiian honey and organic, non-GMO rolled oats. As an Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Practitioner, and Angel Healer, I wanted to do my part in not only providing safe, non-toxic soap for babies, but to provide healing for them as well. Each bar of soap is infused with reiki and angelic energy.


Bringing to you the healing waters of Hawai'i, plenty of Aloha, organic ingredients, and infused with shungite and reiki energy, every bar of soap will ensure a safe, nourishing, and healing bath experience for you and your little ones. 

Where to buy my soap

There are a few ways to purchase my soap:​

  • Maruyama Jones Family moringa at Parker Ranch Farmers Market, Kamuela, HI

  • SOHA Keiki, Waikoloa, HI

  • Mary Jane's in Waikoloa and Waimea, HI

  • The Angel Cooperative in Ridgefield, CT


  • Or you can order directly from me and I will ship it to you

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