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Allie offers the following services:

Guided meditation with sound healing and reiki

Join me as I lead a group in guided meditation, offer Reiki and Heartlinks for chakra

balancing, play singing bowls, rainsticks, tuning forks and more! Offers you an

opportunity to calm the central nervous system, reduce stress, visualize, and reconnect to self so participants can re-enter their world clearer and restored.

Available for group or individual sessions, held in-person or virtually. 

Reiki with sound healing

After connecting you with the energy of the angelic realm, I will provide reiki incorporating a variety of sound healing instruments including sound bowls, tuning forks, tingshas, rattles, and rain sticks providing healing throughout all layers of your auric field. If needed, I can perform cellular memory that offers transformative healing of trauma, and deep rooted mental, emotional and physical wounds.



Personalized guided meditation

After a brief phonecall or Zoom meeting where you will share your healing and spiritual needs, I will create a personalized guided meditation and reiki session for you utilizing sound, color, and breath. Can be done live via Zoom or may be audio recorded. 

Digital oracle card readings

You may ask a question or seek general guidance through 1, 3 or 5  card oracle spreads from an intuitively chosen oracle card deck.


Digital crystal consultations

After a brief consultation, I will tune into your energy field and provide crystal recommendations that will best serve you in your healing and spiritual needs.




New service: Soul readings!

After tuning into your higher spiritual guidance, I will relay messages from your soul team aligned with unconditional love. Depending on what is needed, I may provide healing energy, light language activations, and messages that serve your highest and best good. 



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